Tabletop Photography

Our professional photo studio, with its seamless white walls, spacious product table, large entry doors, and a wide variety of professional lighting equipment, can handle just about anything. Whether you’re seeking a single photograph of one small product or hundreds of photographs of various sized products, you’ve come to the right place. Our photo studio accommodates products of all proportions – from the small size of jewelry or coffee beans to vehicles and large industrial equipment. If it proves more suitable for a particular project, Philip Burnett Photography is also available to shoot your product on-location.

Tabletop photography (also referred to as lay-down photography) can be ideal for small products, products in large quantities, or in the case of pressing deadlines. Our studio process is both efficient and affordable.

When you hire our team to achieve your photographic objectives, we will assist you in selecting the style that is most suitable for your product and your intentions. We offer a selection of stylistic options for your tabletop product photographs, including background variations or knockouts as well as various lighting scenarios. Whatever your desired visual effect may be, we aim to actualize that photograph.

Regardless of the assignment, it is always our objective to make your experience as our client as pleasant and effortless as possible. Our photo studio provides a warm, comfortable atmosphere, including a lobby area with comfortable couches as well as spacious offices and meeting areas. At Philip Burnett Photography, our studio is like a second home to us, and we hope you’ll feel similarly when you walk through our door.

Can’t meet us in person? Pick up the phone and give us a call. We’d be glad to hear from you.

3605 NE 50th Avenue Portland, Oregon 97213