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Our work is based on two simple principles: business and art.

We are knowledgeable, dedicated businesspeople. We are diligent and technically savvy. Without these qualities, our company would not thrive. We appreciate the importance of business mindedness and professionalism. We hope that your experience with us will hold true to our core values and that every meeting and every photo shoot will leave you wanting more. Our goal is to build positive, lasting business relationships.

Forget the business for a moment. At our core, we are simply artists. We let it all hang out. Creativity is rooted in our souls, and it is constantly evident in the way we function as human beings and as businesspeople. We are innovative and imaginative. We are playful. We are intrigued by color, shape, style, and light. We are drawn to all things beautiful and some things not so beautiful. We are obsessed with imagery.

At Philip Burnett Photography, we are passionate about what we do, and we take pride in our work. We hope never to create anything that is ordinary or standard. We hope never to create anything that lacks value.

The bottom line? We are a professional company, and there is great importance in the ways we conduct our business. But this isn’t just a career for us; it’s a passion.


Need an idea but can’t conceive one? Let us do the mind work. Our team is always itching to create. If you want to do something unique or cutting edge with your product photography, let us know. We’d be glad to let our imaginations take flight.

Tired of waiting for that famed light bulb of ingeniousness to appear over your head? Pick up the phone, and let us expedite the creative process.

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At Philip Burnett Photography we know that photography is not just about capturing the moment — it's about what you do with that moment that counts. This is why we look beyond the scope of the lens and into the hearts of the community to make better living through art.

Please see the following list for community events and campaigns Philip Burnett Photography is taking part in.

Think About It - Campaign Against Domestic Violence


Campaign Against Domestic Violence

Taken for Potentia Media, this image is Phil's heart in focus. With violence occurring early on in some children's lives, Phil created this image to bring awareness to the haunting repercussions domestic violence has on children. Partnering with non-profits in Portland, such as Bradley Angle House, Raphael House, and Rotary Club of Portland, this ad campaign will be distributed locally to bring awareness to this heart wrenching issue. For more information, see,, or


Exhibition featuring foster children of Oregon

As an Oregon chapter chair of the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) Phil aligned his love for photography and kids when the Heart Gallery of Oregon asked for volunteers to take shots of their kids available for adoption. Phil serves on the board of directors and is currently the art director for the group. Currently there are up to 7,000 kids in Oregon that are in foster homes. See for more.

Bradley-Angle House Rotary Raphael House Rotary Club